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What is Techrozo

Techrozo is a creative team with two objectives, First of all they support the projects of others whether they are coding or STEM related. Second Techrozo goes above and beyond basic promotion by actively developing its projects and prototypes, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and technology.


Our latest book

Artificial Intelligence Creating Smart House (2022)

This is a well-researched book that is full of knowledge. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to know about artificial intelligence.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Created by Techrozo Chatbot Beta)

What is Techrozo?

Techrozo is a creative team that has two main objectives. Firstly, they provide support for projects related to coding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Secondly, Techrozo distinguishes itself by actively developing its own projects and prototypes, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and technology beyond basic promotion. 

Why should people publish there project on Techrozo?

Publishing projects on Techrozo offers several compelling benefits:

Description of Techrozo website (www.techrozo.com)

www.techrozo.com is an innovative website that serves as the digital gateway to the world of Techrozo, This captivating website showcases cutting-edge technology projects, fosters creativity, and inspires visitors to explore the vast possibilities of the digital realm. As you enter www.techrozo.com, you are immediately greeted by a sleek and modern design that reflects the team's commitment to user experience.

Can you tell me more about their smart house project?

They have published a book called Artificial Intelligence Creating Smart House by Shreyansh Rai. This well-researched book is full of knowledge and explains how AI can power a smart house. They have demonstrated how these devices can communicate with each other and the user through voice commands and sensors. Their smart house project exemplifies how AI can make our homes more comfortable, convenient, and secure. 

How can I get involved with Techrozo?

Few ways you can get involved with Techrozo